How Often Should Fillings be Replaced?

8 October, 2019
How Often Should Fillings be Replaced Dental fillings are used to replace tooth that is lost to decay, most often as a result of a cavity, and can last for many years. In fact, advancements have been made to dental fillings that have extended their lifespans. But fillings do not last forever and are weakened by everyday eating and drinking, teeth grinding, and bacteria in......
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Three Dental Challenges for Seniors

10 September, 2019
Keeping up with your dental health as you get older includes new challenges that come with aging teeth and gums. Over the course of your life, issues like grinding your teeth, medications, and a general decline in dental care can lead to many oral health problems as a senior. While there are a host of issues that can come as a result of aging, these......
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What Do Energy Drinks Do to My Teeth?

18 February, 2020
Despite many reports stating energy drinks are bad for your health (and teeth), they continue to gain popularity. What most people don’t know is that the high acidity level in these beverages can strip teeth enamel and leave permanent damage. It’s time to consider whether the extra boost is worth the permanent risk to your smile. What Qualifies as an Energy Drink?   The National......
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When to Replace a Toothbrush

25 February, 2020
Whether you use a manual toothbrush or an electric one, over time the bristles become less effective at cleaning your teeth. So, how often do you change your toothbrush or electric brush head? Continue reading to find out! When to Know It’s Time At Snow Family Dentistry, we recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months. Additionally, you should consider getting a new toothbrush......
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Gingivitis: Home Remedies that Work! 

28 September, 2020
Oral health tells a lot about your overall health. The pursuit of the so-called ‘perfect-smile’ seems to be gaining immense popularity. Several companies are coming up with DIY orthodontic kits and treatments that can be done at home. In contrast, a considerable number of YouTubers and bloggers are posting about DIY home remedies. So, the big question is: Which treatments work? What is Gingivitis? Gingivitis......
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Nicotine Pouches and Oral Health: All You Need To Know! 

21 June, 2021
Tobacco contributes significantly to the development and progression of periodontal issues such as gum recession and gum disease. It is also associated with oral health issues like increased pocket depths, alveolar bone, and tooth loss. According to the available literature and research, nicotine affects gingival blood flow and immune cell functions. These are all possible mechanisms responsible for the overall effects on periodontal tissues including......
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Oral Health: Can I Get Rid of Cavities at Home? 

7 September, 2020
A Cavity! No one ever wants to hear this diagnosis, yet many people have cavities, adults, and children alike. Cavities are the tiny openings or holes that develop as a result of tooth decay. There are three types of cavities: Smooth surface cavities develop on the sides of the teeth. Root cavities occur on the surface over the roots of the teeth. Fissure or pit......
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Smoking and Dental Health: All You Need To Know 

31 August, 2020
Smokers are more exposed to gum disease, complications after dental procedures, and the risk of developing oral cancer. The oral changes range from soft tissue changes to bad breath, periodontics, and stained teeth. Tobacco and nicotine exposure result in yellow teeth, and it also affects your sense of taste. It lowers the immune system and puts you at a greater risk of developing health conditions......
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