Does Sugar Really Cause Cavities?

12 November, 2018
You’ve probably heard it all your life: Eating sweets will rot your teeth. But while a diet high in sugar certainly promotes the formation of cavities, sugar itself isn’t the real culprit behind tooth decay. Continue reading to learn what does! What Causes Cavities? Dental cavities are formed when bacteria living in the mouth digest carbohydrate debris left on the teeth after you eat. Such......
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Five Unexpected Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene

27 November, 2018
As a kid you probably learned all about good oral hygiene. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing with a fluoride-containing mouthwash can help prevent cavities. But our knowledgeable dentists at Snow Family Dentistry want you to know that good oral hygiene has many other benefits beyond cavity prevention. Here are five of the unexpected benefits of good oral hygiene: Healthy Gums Your mouth contains a wide variety......
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6 Health Benefits of Smiling

1 December, 2018
We all know that a smile can make you seem more likable, attractive, intelligent and even trustworthy. But did you know that smiling frequently can improve your health and help you live longer? Continue reading to learn six surprising health benefits of smiling. Makes You Happier Smiling can boost your mood when you’re feeling blue, which may be beneficial for people struggling with anxiety and depression.......
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Pregnancy Dental Care Tips

27 February, 2019
When you are expecting, you have so much to think about during your pregnancy and so much to do before that fast-approaching due date! Despite all the busyness, it’s also important to make time to care for your teeth. Being pregnant can lead to major changes in your mouth, changes that could affect the baby if left unattended....
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5 Ways to Get Food Out of Your Teeth Safely

14 June, 2021
Have you ever noticed that after eating a bucket of popcorn or a few pieces of candy, you almost always end up with something stuck between your teeth you just can’t seem to get out? At Snow Family Dentistry, we know it can be frustrating to feel that extra pressure on your teeth....
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Pain Management Techniques We Offer

25 July, 2019
Like all things dentist-related, dental anesthesia probably seems a little scary at first. We understand that gut reaction, but here at Snow Family Dentistry, we’d like to show you why your fears are unfounded. Dental anesthesia is safe, effective, helpful and totally routine! We use it every day, for all kinds of different procedures. Here are three pain control techniques we commonly use at Snow......
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How to Prevent and Treat Sensitive Teeth

30 July, 2019
Dealing with sensitive teeth? If so, we understand your pain. Tooth sensitivity can be more than just annoying, it can severely impact your life, especially if you can’t eat or drink without discomfort. In most cases, teeth are sensitive because their protective outer layers have worn away. This exposes your tooth’s dentin, which is full of tiny tubes with sensitive nerve endings running through them.......
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Dental Health and Gift Tips for Moms

10 May, 2019
Mother's Day is right around the corner, and while you may have thousands of reasons to be thankful for your mom, one reason is displayed on your face all year round, your smile! When it comes to a child's dental health, it's moms who really make the difference....
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