Top 10 Worst Things for Your Teeth

2 May, 2019
What you put into your body is every bit as important as brushing and flossing your teeth! To keep your teeth strong, your gums healthy and your breath fresh, you have to be mindful of the things you eat and drink. To help you make the best choices, we’ve outlined the 10 worst foods and drinks for your teeth!...
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So You Have a Toothache, Now What?

8 May, 2019
Have a toothache? You will want  to schedule a dentist appointment as soon as possible, before it gets worse, such as an infection! If you’re nervous about seeing a dentist for your toothache, Snow Family Dentistry can help! Our expert doctors will treat your toothache at the source and guide you through the entire process! ​What is a Toothache? A toothache is a sensation of......
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