What is a Root Canal?

11 March, 2019
Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Years ago, diseased or injured teeth were usually pulled. But today, a tooth can often be saved through root canal therapy. What is a root canal and what is the process? Continue reading to find out! What is a Root Canal Inside your tooth, beneath the white enamel and a hard layer called dentin, is a soft......
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Why Replacing Lost Teeth Is So Important

14 March, 2019
Most adults start off with a full set of 32 teeth, comprising incisors, canines, premolars and molars. However, by middle age (45-65), many are missing at least one tooth. To many, this doesn’t seem like a huge deal- but in reality it is! Continue reading to learn why replacing missing teeth is so important!...
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Creative Ways to Get Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

4 April, 2019
One of those necessary life skills every child needs to learn is brushing his or her teeth. With that being said, helping your child get in the habit of brushing, twice a day for two minutes, is no small feat! But don’t be intimidated. We’re here to help!...
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The Health Effects of Plaque Buildup on Teeth

17 April, 2019
Plaque buildup inflames your gums and does more than just threaten your dental health. A growing body of research has linked plaque buildup to a number of other health problems that may jeopardize your life!...
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When Should I Take My Child to the Dentist for the First Time?

26 April, 2019
Parents are often unsure about when to take their child to a dentist for the first time. Should you wait until all of the teeth have come in, or until there is a real problem? The experts say no. The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that a child’s first visit should be around the age of one or when......
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Top 10 Worst Things for Your Teeth

2 May, 2019
What you put into your body is every bit as important as brushing and flossing your teeth! To keep your teeth strong, your gums healthy and your breath fresh, you have to be mindful of the things you eat and drink. To help you make the best choices, we’ve outlined the 10 worst foods and drinks for your teeth!...
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So You Have a Toothache, Now What?

8 May, 2019
Have a toothache? You will want  to schedule a dentist appointment as soon as possible, before it gets worse, such as an infection! If you’re nervous about seeing a dentist for your toothache, Snow Family Dentistry can help! Our expert doctors will treat your toothache at the source and guide you through the entire process! ​What is a Toothache? A toothache is a sensation of......
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