Is Dental Care Safe While Pregnant?

10 October, 2019
Is Dental Care Safe While Pregnant? The list of dos and don’ts while pregnant can be long and overwhelming for expecting women, with the don’ts often outweighing the dos. It is very common for expecting moms to have questions about healthcare including dental care and procedures. Routine medical and dental care is important for both the health of the mom and the baby. Keep reading......
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How Often Should Fillings be Replaced?

8 October, 2019
How Often Should Fillings be Replaced Dental fillings are used to replace tooth that is lost to decay, most often as a result of a cavity, and can last for many years. In fact, advancements have been made to dental fillings that have extended their lifespans. But fillings do not last forever and are weakened by everyday eating and drinking, teeth grinding, and bacteria in......
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Pediatric vs Family Dentist: What is Best for Your Child

23 September, 2019
When picking a dentist for your child, there are many things that you have to take into consideration. Often times, children have a fear of the dentist, so parents are simply looking to make their dental care as easy and painless of a process as possible. Because of this, many new parents find themselves asking “should I take my child to a pediatric or family......
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6 Tips to Help Your Child Stay Calm at the Dentist

20 September, 2019
As a parent, taking your child to the dentist is an important yet daunting tasks. From having to sit still for a certain amount of time to cooperating with the instructions of the dentists, children can often have a hard time at the dentist. We’ve compiled our six best tips for making your child’s trips to the dentist an easy and painless experience, for you......
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Three Dental Challenges for Seniors

10 September, 2019
Keeping up with your dental health as you get older includes new challenges that come with aging teeth and gums. Over the course of your life, issues like grinding your teeth, medications, and a general decline in dental care can lead to many oral health problems as a senior. While there are a host of issues that can come as a result of aging, these......
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How Parents Contribute to the Health of their Children’s Teeth

15 August, 2019
For your children, establishing good habits, for dental health or otherwise, starts with you as a parent. From the time of the first tooth at about four to six months, daily dental care for your child is crucial to establishing good dental health habits and reducing cavities from childhood all the way through adulthood. A child’s dental health is heavily influenced by well-informed parents who......
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What Do Energy Drinks Do to My Teeth?

18 February, 2020
Despite many reports stating energy drinks are bad for your health (and teeth), they continue to gain popularity. What most people don’t know is that the high acidity level in these beverages can strip teeth enamel and leave permanent damage. It’s time to consider whether the extra boost is worth the permanent risk to your smile. What Qualifies as an Energy Drink?   The National......
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When to Replace a Toothbrush

25 February, 2020
Whether you use a manual toothbrush or an electric one, over time the bristles become less effective at cleaning your teeth. So, how often do you change your toothbrush or electric brush head? Continue reading to find out! When to Know It’s Time At Snow Family Dentistry, we recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months. Additionally, you should consider getting a new toothbrush......
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