10 June, 2019

Dentures are a dental appliance used to replace missing teeth. They are held in place by remaining gum tissue and jaw bone along the dental arch, occasionally with help from denture creams and adhesives.

While dentures can help both men and women regain a beautiful, confident smile, they are not suitable for all dental patients.

How do dentures work?  

Dentures are custom-made in a dental laboratory from impressions taken of your mouth. At Snow Family Dentistry, we will determine which of the two types of dentures described below is best for you.

Conventional Full Denture

A conventional full denture is placed in your mouth after any remaining teeth are removed and tissues have healed. Healing may take several months, during which time you are without teeth.

Partial Denture

A partial denture rests on metal framework that attaches to your natural teeth. Sometimes crowns are placed on some of your natural teeth, and serve as anchors for the denture. Partial dentures offer a removable alternative to bridges.

Who is a good candidate for dentures?

Ideal candidates for dentures are men or women who have experienced significant tooth loss, but have sufficient healthy gum tissue and jawbone.

If a person is only missing one or two teeth, a dental bridge may be the best option. Depending on the preference of the patient, a full or partial denture may be recommended if the person is missing a larger number of teeth.

The number of teeth that you are missing will ultimately dictate which type of denture is best for you.

  • Full dentures are recommended for people who are missing all of their teeth
  • Partial dentures are the ideal choice if you are missing only some of your natural teeth

Benefits of dentures

Dentures provide several benefits to patients with missing teeth.

Dentures can:

  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Improve your appearance and smile
  • Support your facial muscles
  • Improve your speech
  • Allow patients to eat food they wouldn’t otherwise be able to eat without teeth
  • Be quickly and thoroughly cleaned

Also, most dental insurance benefit plans cover dentures

How Long Do Dentures Last?

Dentures that are temporary and will not last forever. However, with proper care, they can last a long time.

The following is a daily routine for proper care of dentures:

  • Remove your dentures
  • Brush your dentures with a non-abrasive denture toothpaste
  • Rinse dentures thoroughly after eating to remove food particles
  • Use a soft bristle denture brush and gently clean all surfaces to avoid damaging the plastic
  • Store your dentures each night in water or a mild denture cleaner
  • Rinse off any denture cleaner before placing the dentures back in your mouth

Most importantly, do not use regular toothpaste, hot water or bleach-based products on your dentures.

Gently treating your dentures can prevent unnecessary damage, such as chipping and discoloration.

Why Choose Snow Family Dentistry?

At Snow Family Dentistry, we provide personalized denture services for complete dentures or partial dentures. We also feature PALA Digital Dentures to provide optimal fit and retention.

Still not sure if you’re a good candidate for dentures? Contact us to schedule a thorough consultation!