At Snow Family Dentistry, we rely on best-in-class technologies to ensure the most effective treatments for each patient. One of the technologies we are proud to offer is the 3D Conebeam scan, a type of imaging that helps us get a full 3D view of the patient’s teeth, jaw bone, and TMJ.

If you have any questions about our use of technology or about its role in the Snow patient experience, we welcome you to contact us at your convenience.

What is 3-D Conebeam?

3-D Conebeam imaging allows us to see clear, detailed images of your teeth, including the underlying bone and tissue structures. Additionally, 3-D Conebeam images allow us to make important determinations about the thickness of the bone, the length of the root, and the positioning of the teeth.

By viewing 3-D images, Dr. Snow can more precisely assess the state of your teeth, diagnose potential problems, and determine the best-fitting treatments and solutions.

Specifically, we may use 3-D Conebeam technology for any of the following:

  • Determining the right placement for implants
  • Assessing the need for a root canal
  • Diagnosing underlying pain in the teeth or gums
  • Evaluating issues related to TMJ or sleep apnea

Technology at Snow Family Dentistry

Our practice uses advanced technology to guide our diagnostics and to provide patients with the best range of treatment options.

With any questions about the role technology plays in our patient experience, please contact Snow Family Dentistry at your next opportunity.