At Snow Family Dentistry, we employ up-to-date technologies to ensure the best results for our patients. In addition to the Digital Panoramic radiography, we also offer Digital Wellness Records using the iTero Element intraoral scanner, which creates 3-D digital models of the teeth and guides our work in restorative dentistry. We are committed to using advanced solutions that allow us to more accurately evaluate patient health and help provide a better sense of potential outcomes. Here are a few notes about the dental technology we implement in our practice.


We use the iTero Element Intraoral scanner to obtain digital wellness records to help us get a clear sense of each patient’s dental health, and to create 3D digital models of what the teeth look like. This is an important way for us to ensure a perfect fit for any Invisalign, crowns, or restoration work.

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Digital Radiographs

The digital radiographic equipment include a panoramic machine providing an image of the entire jaw as well as an intraoral sensor providing detailed images of specific teeth. In other words, they are two types of digital X-rays, allowing us to evaluate each patient’s teeth while also providing quicker results and less radiation exposure.

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3D Conebeam

The 3D Conebeam is a diagnostic tool, enabling us to evaluate the thickness of the bone, the length of the root, and the positioning of the teeth. We use this technology to ensure accuracy in corrective and restorative procedures.

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