To ensure each patient’s oral health and to provide the most accurate treatment options, it may sometimes be necessary to take images of the teeth, gums, and underlying bone. Traditionally, dentists have done this with X-rays. At Snow Family Dentistry, we work with a more advanced and effective array of imaging tools, including one called Digital Panoramic radiographs. We prefer this approach because it ensures better and safer results for our patients, and helps us provide the standards of care that we take pride in.

If you have any questions about our use of imaging equipment, we welcome your call to our practice.

About Digital Pano

Digital radiographic technology allows us to take panoramic radiographic images. In other words, we can get a full visual image of your entire jaw including the TMJ, the teeth and their positioning in the mouth.

A Digital Panoramic radiograph is similar in many ways to a conventional X-ray, but with some important distinctions. The results are available to us much more quickly. Additionally, this digital approach means less radiation exposure to the patient, making it a safer alternative.

Technology at Snow Family Dentistry

At Snow Family Dentistry, we employ up-to-date technologies to ensure the best results for our patients. In addition to the Digital Pano, we also offer iTero, which creates 3-D digital models of the teeth and guides our work in restorative dentistry.

We are always happy to talk further about the role technology plays in our patient experience. Contact Snow Family Dentistry any time.