What Is Gum Disease?

30 May, 2020
Periodontal (gum) disease is an infection of the gum tissue and bones surrounding your teeth, and is an increasing health risk that requires professional treatment. But what is gum disease and how is it prevented? Keep reading to find out! What Is It? Gum disease is caused by plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that constantly forms on the teeth. These bacteria create toxins that......
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Why Dental Cleanings Are So Important

7 December, 2018
Professional dental cleanings aren’t just for keeping your smile bright; they can have a significant impact on your general health!  Brushing and flossing at home are essential, but to ensure teeth are healthy and thoroughly clean, you should schedule regular check-ups and cleanings. Continue reading to learn six reasons professional cleanings are so important! Why Dental Cleanings Are Essential: Removes stains that dull and discolor......
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Is Gum Disease Genetic?

24 June, 2019
If you have a family history of gum disease, then you are more likely to have problems with your gums. According to the American Dental Association, genetics is a risk factor for developing gum disease. This disease usually starts out as gingivitis, which is characterized by swollen, tender gums that may bleed during brushing. If left untreated, it can develop into periodontitis and eventually lead to......
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What is a Root Canal?

11 March, 2019
Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Years ago, diseased or injured teeth were usually pulled. But today, a tooth can often be saved through root canal therapy. What is a root canal and what is the process? Continue reading to find out! What is a Root Canal Inside your tooth, beneath the white enamel and a hard layer called dentin, is a soft......
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The Health Effects of Plaque Buildup on Teeth

17 April, 2019
Plaque buildup inflames your gums and does more than just threaten your dental health. A growing body of research has linked plaque buildup to a number of other health problems that may jeopardize your life!...
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So You Have a Toothache, Now What?

8 May, 2019
Have a toothache? You will want  to schedule a dentist appointment as soon as possible, before it gets worse, such as an infection! If you’re nervous about seeing a dentist for your toothache, Snow Family Dentistry can help! Our expert doctors will treat your toothache at the source and guide you through the entire process! ​What is a Toothache? A toothache is a sensation of......
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