4 March, 2020

Everyone knows that smoking can wreak havoc on your health, but many don’t realize the level of damage it can also do in your mouth.

At Snow Family Dentistry, we want you to live your best and healthiest life, and therefore want you to realize the danger of tobacco can have on your teeth and gums.

Tobacco use can cause:

Yellow Teeth

The more you smoke, the more likely you are to notice tooth discoloration. In fact, regular tobacco use can turn your teeth yellow or brown. The amount you smoke will also play a role in how discolored your teeth become, as well as how long you smoke cigarettes or use tobacco products.

Tooth Decay

Tobacco can cause tooth decay, which can lead to cavities or broken teeth. Large cavities that exist around the gum line can lead to infections and can weaken your teeth overtime. Broken teeth are very painful and costly to repair.

Gum Disease

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a bacterial infection that occurs in your mouth. Over time, this infection impacts the gums significantly.

The first sign of gum disease is usually bleeding gums, but sometimes a receding gum line can also be noticed.

While the early stages of periodontal disease can often be reversed if you see a dentist, long-term smoking and tobacco use can make it severe.

Permanent Damage

If gum disease is left untreated for too long, the infection can spread into tissue and bone, which can then become weaker. Over time, bone damage can occur.

In severe cases, periodontal disease can get so bad that surgical intervention is necessary. Bone grafts and restorative surgery are sometimes required in these cases.

Why Choose Snow Family Dentistry

No matter what kind of shape your teeth are in at the moment, many of the problems related to smoking and using tobacco can be fixed or stopped.

In many cases, discoloration can be fixed with cleaning, polishing and whitening procedures. Decay can be treated with fillings, root canals and crowns. Additionally, periodontal disease is often reversible via deep cleaning, sometimes referred to as scaling and root planing.

At Snow Family Dentistry, we offer all of these services! Click here to schedule a free consultation today