21 January, 2020

Did you know that eating sugary foods can make your body crave it? Additionally, regularly eating sugar can cause many health problems- including tooth decay and gum damage. Here at Snow Family Dentistry, we often see teeth that have been damaged by eating too much sugar, and it can be a difficult issue to fix. 

How Much Sugar is Too Much?

The recommended daily sugar allowance is 10-14 teaspoons of sugar; however, most people go over this amount every day. To check how much sugar you are consuming, click here!  

Snow Family Dentistry Tips on How to Beat Sugar Cravings

Eating sugar releases endorphins that make us feel calmer, creating a natural boost while also giving you a short term energy boost and a dose of serotonin. This means that we feel like it’s doing us good, while it is actually depleting the body and setting us up for an energy crash that will leave us feeling that we need more sugar.

 To avoid falling into these sugar cravings, try the following Snow Family Dentistry tips:

Cut Out All Sugar

Cutting out sugar altogether is a pretty challenging idea for most of us, but it could re-set your body’s cravings by adjusting your taste buds. Most people find that just cutting out sugar for a few weeks, or a month, can help them get control of their cravings. If you try this option, you may experience withdrawal symptoms in the first few days, especially if you consume a lot of sugar. Just be prepared for headaches and frustration as your body begins to detox.

Lower Your Sugar Intake

If you tend to overeat sugary treats, you may be able to cut down on the amount of sugar you consume by eating just a little of the thing you want each time. Try having a couple of squares of chocolate instead of a full bar. This will give you the sweet taste you crave will also helping you to control the amount of sugar you are eating. As a result, this will reduce the damage sustained by your teeth and gums as well.

Substitute Foods 

When you really want sugar, try to substitute it with something healthier. For instance, fruit is naturally sweet, and is a great snack to substitute for other sugary treats. 

Chew Gum

Chewing gum can help reduce cravings, while also distracting you from the sugary foods you want to eat. At Snow Family Dentistry, we recommend carrying sugar free chewing gum with you to chew when you feel a craving coming on.

Why Choose Snow Family Dentistry 

At Snow Family Dentistry, we know that It isn’t easy to give up sugary treats; however, we hope these tips will help you reduce your intake! 

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