14 March, 2019

Most adults start off with a full set of 32 teeth, comprising incisors, canines, premolars and molars. However, by middle age (45-65), many are missing at least one tooth. To many, this doesn’t seem like a huge deal- but in reality it is! Continue reading to learn why replacing missing teeth is so important!

Each Tooth Plays a Vital Role

All teeth are important. They help you to chew and grind up food, and to speak clearly and show of your smile. Your teeth also play a crucial role in the structure of your mouth and in relation to the other teeth. Leaving a gap if you lose a tooth can have serious consequences.

One or more missing teeth can cause shifting of bite pressure onto other teeth, which can, over time, cause these teeth to move into the space the missing tooth once occupied. Missing teeth also make it easier for plaque to build up in places that are hard to clean, resulting in gum infections that can lead to the loss of more teeth.

A further potential problem if a missing tooth is not replaced is that the bone that used to surround it can start to deteriorate and erode. Replacing lost teeth is also important if a visible gap has been left, which can be a source of embarrassment resulting in lack of self-confidence.

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